The communal institution of higher education “Lutsk Pedagogical College” of the Volyn Regional Council is one of the leading educational institutions not only in Volyn, but also in Ukraine.

The college has a rich and glorious history, powerful traditions. It was established in 1939 as a pedagogical school, later a pedagogical college, and since 2020 it has become the Institution of Higher Education “Lutsk Pedagogical College” of the Volyn Regional Council. The structure of the higher educational institution includes a professional college.

During the last 15 years (since 2007), the rector of the institution is an honored worker of education of Ukraine, candidate of pedagogical sciences P. M. Boychuk.

The college employs a powerful, creative, highly professional team of teachers, including doctors and candidates of sciences, professors, associate professors, Honored Workers of Education, Culture, and Physical Culture of Ukraine.

More than 1,500 students study here, about 15%  of them are part-time students.

Students acquire the qualifications of preschool teachers, primary school teachers, music arts, physical culture, and also have the opportunity to obtain additional specializations: governor, speech therapist teacher assistant, English language or computer science teacher in primary school, teacher-organizer, head of children’s choreographic team.

The quality of providing educational services is high (every third graduate holds a diploma with honors). Graduates of the college are in demand in educational institutions of various types, and about 80% of them are hired by profession every year. 4th-year students have the opportunity to study according to an individual plan, while simultaneously working in educational institutions.

The structure of the educational institution has 2 faculties and 2 departments:

– Faculty of elementary education and physical education;

– Faculty of preschool education and musical arts;

– Department of primary and preschool education;

– Department of musical art and physical culture.

The Institution of Higher Education “Lutsk Pedagogical College” has comfortable learning conditions and a powerful material, technical and informational base. There are 6 specialized computer laboratories, a library, individual classes for music classes, a hall for rhythmic and choreography classes, a choir class, an assembly hall, an athletic arena, sports, gymnastics and gymnasiums. The pride of the institution is the office of modern educational technologies – the “New Ukrainian School” laboratory, equipped with modern technical and teaching equipment. All this ensures high-quality professional education.

In addition, students have the opportunity to work in various creative studios, sports sections and scientific societies, to realize their talents in music, choreography, and sports.

A dining hall, a cafe, and a dormitory with 630 places are also at the disposal of students.

Pedagogical practice is an important component of professional training of college students. The college has established a clear system of organization of all types of practice, which contributes to the systematic adaptation of students of higher education to professional activities.

The recruitment of entrants is carried out for the acquisition of the educational and professional degree of the junior bachelor’s degree and the educational degree of the bachelor’s degree in the following areas:

– 013 Primary education;

– 012 Preschool education;

– 014.11 Secondary education (Physical education);

– 014.13 Secondary education (Musical arts).

 122 Computer sience

Only students with Ukrainian citizenship are accepted for study!

Offer of paid services for 2022-2026:

Bachelor’s degree based on complete general secondary education (11 grades)

012 Preschool education – UAH 15,700

013 Primary education – UAH 15,700

014.11 Secondary education (Physical education) – UAH 15,700

  014.13 Secondary education (Musical arts) – UAH 16,900

Educational and professional junior bachelor’s degree on the basis of basic general secondary education (9 grades)

012 Preschool education – UAH 13,900

013 Primary education – UAH 13,900